We love to inspire, connect and equip churches, groups and networks with a heart for mission.

Are you journeying with people who are exploring cross-cultural ministry? Your friendship and support is vital in helping those around you discover and pursue God’s leading in their life.

Perhaps you are a small group leader, a Christian Union leader or a prayer partner for an overseas worker? We want to facilitate your strategic role. You can enable people to capture a vision for global mission and be excited about the Church’s calling to glorify God among the least-reached.

Here are three simple ways we can help you be part of the process of sending people effectively into global mission.

  • Invite a SpeakerWe have speakers across the UK available to inspire your fellowship to play a part in global mission whether that is praying, giving or going.
  • Saltmine tour – This compelling drama takes audiences on a journey through the lives and experiences of cross-cultural workers past and present. Is your church able to host this mission-focused play?
  • ResourcesBe equipped with our top reads for anyone exploring mission. A helpful reference point for those researching cross-cultural ministry for themselves or for friends.

“Not all of us will go overseas and be at the end of the rope. But we can all be involved in holding the rope.”
Andrew, sending church pastor



If you would like more information about equipping your church, please contact Chris our Church Development Co-ordinator.

If you would like to explore possibilities to serve in cross-cultural mission, please contact Helen our Mobilisation Manager.