Where Do You Work?


Arab World Ministries (AWM) is a ministry of Pioneers with a particular passion for sharing the gospel of Christ with Muslims of the Arab world. There are currently around 320 AWM/Pioneers workers ministering to Arab peoples through Arab World Media, in church-planting teams and in discipleship training. Our vision is to initiate church-planting movements among peoples of the Arab world, whether they live in the Arab League nations, or among diaspora communities in Europe and North America.

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AWM partners alongside those with a passion for God and a call to reach Arab Muslims. We place cross-cultural workers into existing church-planting teams or release them to start new teams. We also have people who use their specialist skills to reach out through cutting-edge technology (Arab World Media) or disciple believers effectively through theological and leadership training (PALM – Preparing Arab world leaders for Ministry).

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Our hearts resonate with those with a call to pioneering mission. Among other factors, this led us to join the Pioneers movement in 2011 and maximise our ministry effectiveness to the least-reached Muslim people groups in the world.

Pioneers has more than 2,660 international members, working in 101 countries, among 187 unreached people groups, mobilised from 18 bases or offices. More than 50% of teams are focused on reaching Muslims.

Pioneers continue to seek those who have a pioneering spirit to go and live among those who have never heard. New teams are forming every year, as there are still so many places that have not yet heard. Out of the nearly 6,000 remaining unreached people groups. Below are 30 of our priority unreached people groups:


  • Sudanese
  • Somali
  • Maures
  • Tama
  • Libyans
  • Bobo
  • Fulani (Nigeria)
  • Kanuri (Nigeria)


  • Poles
  • Sandjaks Basque


  • Tukangbesi
  • Myanmarese
  • Central Tibetans
  • Hui
  • Nameless Animist group
  • Fijian Indians
  • Musi
  • Japenese


  • Quechua-Apurimac
  • Meskhetian Turks (USA)


  • Kyrgyz
  • Bhutanese
  • Kashmiri
  • Wakhi
  • Caucasus
  • Mazanderani
  • Central Sumatrans
  • Azerbaijani
  • Uyghur

“It is then only reasonable to seek the work where the need is most abundant and the workers are fewest.”
James Gilmore, Missionary to Mongolia, 1872-93

Pioneers desires to come alongside those with a calling to reach out to any unreached people group with the gospel. Do you share this passion? GET IN TOUCH