How Do I Get There?


The journey to overseas mission begins with God placing a passion for those with the greatest need and the least opportunity to hear the gospel, on your heart. As you begin to respond to God’s call to go to the unreached, you may feel you need some help in exploring the next step. Although there are a number of steps to achieving the goal of joining a mission team, your involvement in world missions may be closer than you think.

Our desire at AWM is to partner with you as you discover God’s plan and purpose for your life.

As you can imagine, AWM has gained a great deal of experience over the years in helping Christians and their supporting churches prepare, send and go on mission to the Arab world. Our concern is that you should be released into the fruitful ministry to which the Lord has called you. The Bible says that, plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed (Prov 15:22 NIV). We would encourage you to contact us and consider AWM as a voice of counsel in your journey into mission. AWM calls this mentoring towards mission.


In Brief
Initial Contact >> Preliminary Form >> Formal Application >> References >> Interview and Join AWM/Pioneers >> Orientation Week (5 days) >> Build Support >> Leave for the Field


AWM’s desire is to come alongside to help you explore your vision for mission and mentor you throughout the process. This simply begins with a conversation which you can initiate by calling or emailing Helen. Of course, to build a relationship, we would then wish to meet you in person so that you can share your heart for mission and learn about our vision and CORE VALUES.


If you feel you would like to explore your involvement in mission further, it is extremely helpful if you complete a PRELIMINARY INFORMATION FORM. This will give us a more detailed picture of your heart for mission. You will not be obligated to AWM during this exploratory process and you may wish to contact other relevant mission agencies.


As God’s plan for your life becomes clearer, we would encourage you to visit the particular area of the Arab world to which you feel called. This will enable you to have a deeper sense of what the Lord is saying to you and a greater understanding of what your ministry might look like. It also gives you the opportunity to interact and form relationships with existing team members and hear their heart and passion for mission.


As you proceed on your journey, you may feel ready to partner with AWM and apply to join an AWM/Pioneers team in the Arab world. The next stage would be to fill in a Formal Application. Completing this application is your signal to us that you are seriously considering partnering with AWM. We would expect at this point to also be in discussion with your sending church. As you would imagine, formal references would be taken from those in your church leadership who have an intimate knowledge of your relationships and ministry.


Once references have been collected and thorough discussions with your sending church have been completed, AWM will invite you and one of your church leader(s) to attend an interview at AWM’s UK office in Loughborough. The interview process allows AWM, in partnership with your church leadership, to suggest any recommendations that would help you to prepare thoroughly for life in the Arab world. The next steps in your journey towards mission will be relevant and customised to your Christian life, experiences and specific call.


Each believer has been specially gifted by God and carries unique life experiences and background. Often the Lord calls and empowers each one to create an innovative ministry environment in the Arab world. Consequently, AWM will suggest training, taking these factors into account.

However, it is essential in the Arab world that AWM workers have a thorough understanding and knowledge of Scripture and an ability to share and teach the fundamentals of the Christian faith. In an environment which is strongly Islamic, it is also essential that workers have some training and experience in apologetics, This knowledge and experience is often achieved through Bible College training, particularly at a training institution with a strong focus on world mission.

It is necessary for workers to be able to share their faith in the language of the particular Arab people among whom they are ministering. As a pre-cursor to ministry, workers require to gain a sound working knowledge of language, normally over an initial two year period.

Although the foregoing gives some guidance, the training process cannot be readily detailed here, The specific details of your training for mission will be discerned through our conversations in the mentoring and application process.


You will be invited to attend an AWM orientation either after your formal interview and acceptance or because you have expressed a serious interest in learning more about our vision and values. This week will allow you to meet and form relationships with key field workers, office staff, and other new AWM workers. We will look closely at our core values and how missions works within our field-based leadership structure. This week is built to be interactive and adaptable to the participants involved.


As you embark on this journey of partnering with God in His redemptive mission, you will encounter spiritual opposition. It is essential, right from the beginning, that you gather believers around you who will commit to pray for you and with you. This prayer team may also form the core of your financial support team.


You will be sent out in partnership with your supporting church (es) to play your role in God’s purposes. You will join a church-planting ministry team (or be pioneering one) and also be in contact with team and area leaders.