FAQs About Mission (old)

You only have one life. Use it to make an eternal difference in someone else's.

Take a look at this video of one person’s experience of going short-term to the Middle East. It may spark questions about how you could get involved too.

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

Our mobilisation team speak to enquirers all the time about ways people can be involved in mission both short and long-term.

They have written brief responses below to the common questions and queries that come up as people consider whether they can take the next step.

Hopefully this page will make things a little less daunting for you. Be reassured, as you seek the Lord, you too can find your place in God’s global mission.

Why serve in the Arab world over somewhere else?

Jesus loves Arab Muslims and the spiritual and practical needs of people in this region are huge. We only need to follow the news to see how much people need to hear the message of lasting hope found only in Christ.

We are also witnessing in recent years the Lord move in unprecedented ways across the Muslim world from North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula. Many are choosing to follow Jesus Christ for the first time. It’s an exciting time to join in with what God is doing in building His Kingdom in the Arab world.

Am I too young or too old to be involved?

More important than age is a recognised call of God plus the necessary spiritual and emotional maturity to adapt to cross-cultural ministry.

Our lower age limit is eighteen years old.  However, as long as health allows there is no upper age limit!

Can I do my year abroad with AWM?

Yes! We’ve had many people choose Venture trips and go with us for their university year abroad or gap year. Venture is a tailor-made placement in one of our long-term teams lasting between a month and a year.

Check out our Go Short Term page for more details.

I have a family; can I still be involved in mission?

Yes, of course. Many of our members have gone to serve in the Arab world as a family– or have raised children in the region. The education opportunities differ country to country. Some families have opted for home schooling whilst others have enrolled in international or local schools. There are lots of resources we can recommend to help you think through the implications of serving the Lord as a family.

If you’d like to chat more about this, contact Helen, our Mobilisation Manager. EMAIL HELEN

Does AWM represent a particular denomination?

No, we are an evangelical, international and inter-denominational organisation. We unite around core Christian beliefs and seek to serve the worldwide Body of Christ.


We are also guided by our core values and encourage a team-based approach to cross-cultural ministry.


We recommend that you also read through our  ‘How do I choose an agency?‘ guide to help you consider what is essential in exploring and selecting which ministries you would be able to best partner with.



What sort of training do you offer?

The amount of training received will depend on the type of trip you go on.

For short-term Edge teams, we typically give a day’s orientation before you leave. To prepare our long-term workers, we work with them to produce a Personal Development Plan which is tailor-made to their ministry experience so far. This is a list of training areas that we require workers to be prepared in, such as cross-cultural awareness, personal resilience and theological understanding.

How a worker fulfils these requirements is flexible as no two situations are alike! We have resources and courses that we recommend, alongside providing encouragement and ongoing guidance. Before a long-term worker is launched into cross-cultural ministry, they will normally receive a time of orientation to cover some final essentials.

For more on our approach to preparing people for mission, read HOW WE HELP YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.