APPEAL: Will you help the children of Yemen thrive?

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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19:14 (NIV)

Forty percent of Yemen’s population is under the age of 14. These children have lived at least half of their lives in a war zone.

We have been reminded of the terrors of way once again as recent events in Ukraine have unfolded. The war in Yemen may not be in the news anymore, but the conflict continues along with its impact on the men, women, and children of Yemen.

Could you support the children of Yemen as they continue to face the realities of war?

How can children learn in a war zone?

Children get the best start in life when they are provided with a good education from a young age. Sadly, many children in Yemen do not have access to education. And as military forces take over school buildings, they no longer have a safe place to learn and grow.

There are severe consequences to children being out of school. Girls are more likely to be forced into early marriage. Boys are recruited into the fighting. Both are more likely to be pressed into child labour.

You can give children like Talib* an education

Talib has always wanted to go to school. A teacher in his village encouraged and taught him before his family decided to officially enrol him in the Year 1 class at his local school. But just three months after he started, the war came to his village, forcing Talib to leave his education.

As the war intensified, Talib’s family decided to flee their village to a safer area of Yemen. In their new home, Talib was always looking over his notebooks. He kept asking his father: ‘When will we return home? When will I return to my school?’

Talib and his family heard about the educational project in his new village. Talib’s parents enrolled him and he was finally able to continue his studies! Now, five years later, Talib is thriving at school and is so excited to gain an education. ‘No one in my family is educated – I am the first!’

Can you help children thrive in Yemen?

You can support children like Talib to gain an education despite the effects of the war around them.

Through your support, our local partners can provide an education for children in areas where government schools have ceased to function. Your gift will enable more children to attend school, teachers to be trained and paid fairly, and give Yemeni children the opportunity to witness the light and love of Christ.

You can give to this work by clicking this button and choosing I want to give to Yemen Appeal. Thank you for partnering with us in this way.

*Name changed to protect identities.

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