TRAINING: Discipleship Training Communities

Pre-field training for missionaries

Well-formed disciple-makers, hands-on mission and mentoring, life-on-life, intercultural teams.

This is the heart-beat of Pioneers Discipleship Training Communities (DTC).

So, whether you’re exploring the idea of cross-cultural missions or are actively preparing to serve as a cross-cultural missionary, DTC wants to partner with what God is already doing in your life to see you deeply equipped to thrive and bear fruit on the field! An excellent and effective way to do that is in a grace-filled, multicultural community of practise. Interested in being part of this 8-12 week intensive community? Learn more or contact DTC at

The training process

Training Facilitators

20 hours a week you will be trained in content designed to shape you as a disciple-maker, taught by a diversity of experienced leaders. The rest of the week is focused on applying this content through ministry among migrant unreached peoples.


DTC seeks to provide experienced, heart-language mentors for you to process how God is shaping you through community, the content, and hands-on ministry.

Church-Planting Coaches

You will be coached in various strategies and skills for starting church planting movements as you serve on an intercultural team.

What are the details?

Dates: 26 June – 16 September 2022
Location: London
Cost: an average of £750/month
Application deadline: 26th May for UK citizens, 26th April for non-UK citizens

How do I book?

Contact Dan or visit the Global Disciples website to apply.

Don’t just take our word for it

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I sang out a truth I believe in a language I don’t really understand. A Peruvian sister was playing the guitar as she sang in her heart language during morning worship. A Brazilian sister was playing the cajon, and seated around the table were trainees from Myanmar, America, and Australia. Oh, and did I mention our trainers this week were from Ghana?  I have never felt so displaced in my life, yet I love the picture of Christ’s global Body worshiping and on mission together that I got to experience in a Discipleship Training Community.

–Australian DTC participant serving in the Middle East

“Hi, my name is Maria, and I’m from Brazil. I’m walking with my friends and seeing if anyone is seeking God. Are you seeking to know God more?” And that’s how I met Meng and her friends, Chinese international students, who surprisingly answered: “Yes, we are seeking God.”  We began studying the Bible together and just last week they were baptised before they went back to China. During my Discipleship Training Community experience, I received training–and more importantly, lots and lots of practice!—in sharing the gospel cross-culturally and leading discovery Bible studies.

–Brazilian DTC participant serving in Central Asia

I would describe Global Disciples as being challenging, refreshing, and healing.  It was a very realistic introduction to what living on mission cross-culturally might look like. We spent 2 days a week being trained and then 3 days each week applying the content we learned in real, cross-cultural ministry. And I loved the emphasis DTCs place on intimacy with and dependence on God being foundational for everything in ministry. I will always remember how God spoke to me on our overnight Retreat of Silence, something I had never done before until then.  And I found deep healing for some of the emotional wounds I had been carrying with me for so long that I wasn’t even very aware of how they affected me. I can’t imagine going into ministry without first experiencing what God had for me in this Discipleship Training Community.

–British DTC participant serving at a local church in cross-cultural ministry

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