MEDIA APPEAL: You are not alone

Fasting. Daily prayers. Going to the mosque. For many in the Arab world, a sense of community has been built around the practices that are influenced by their Islamic beliefs. So when an Arab person shows an interest in Christ, they can quickly face resistance from their family, community or even their national government. Feelings of isolation can set in and people become exhausted by the struggles they face as they walk against the crowd, in the pursuit of Jesus. At times like this, the support of the Arab World Media team can prove vital. Recently, Mahir* sent this message to a worker in the response team:

I have suffered much because of my faith in Christ. My family and friends have deserted me. But your messages have encouraged me. When I receive your messages, I feel that I am not alone because of you.

Mahir from the Arab world

Digital discipleship

As well as sending encouraging messages over digital platforms, Arab World Media also offer resources to Arab peoples to help them grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour. Some examples of the resources they provide are: bibles, books, videos on YouTube and recommended websites with useful information.

Change is happening

Across North Africa and the Middle East, many people like Mahir are encountering the risen Lord. In 2018, Arab World Media were connecting with almost 3,000 people online and 336 made professions of faith in Jesus. Praise God that ministry through media continues to be effective, despite the challenges!

They need your support

To continue this amazing work, Arab World Media need funding to:

  • create new digital resources for discipleship
  • launch tailored campaigns for specific cities and countries in the region
  • maintain ongoing operations.


All gifts make a difference. Please prayerfully consider what you might give to the Media ministry today.

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