APPEAL: Let us reach the millions

God is doing extraordinary things across the region in the hearts of Arab peoples. Here is one example:

I recently connected with Fatima*, a young Iraqi refugee lady, who had escaped ISIS. Fatima shared that she had started having dreams about Jesus around three years ago. I arranged to meet her and invited along my Arab Christian friend. Fatima was so excited to finally meet a Christian face-to-face, and warmly embraced us. She shared her story and explained that she was now ready to follow Jesus no matter the cost, because of His overwhelming love and hope. The two Arabs are now meeting up to discuss the Bible.
Lisa, media follow-up worker

Arab peoples are searching for God. God is calling out to His people to go into the world, to let the world know about Him. The harvest is truly plentiful, but the workers are sadly too few. To put this in perspective, our mission family has around 500 workers serving in a region of more than 400 million people.

Workers are involved in trauma counselling, teaching, ministries to refugees and so much more – all in an effort to make God known, through their actions, conversations and love.

Can you help us send more workers?

Many of our current workers began as short-term applicants who developed a conviction of God calling them to serve among Arab peoples. Currently, Chloe* is on a six-month placement with us in the Middle East working alongside long-term workers and learning about cross-cultural ministry. She says:

I really feel that my strengths are being utilised and I have been encouraged to gain as much experience as possible in different types of ministry. This placement has been perfect for exploring long-term possibilities and for having the option to serve in a broad spectrum of work.
Chloe, short-termer in the Middle East


Along with Chloe, our Mobilisation team are in contact with around 350 enquirers who are currently exploring their place in either short or long-term cross-cultural mission.

Can you give today?

Any gift you offer today will help us prepare workers with essential training to connect with people like Fatima.

£15 can help provide training materials on mission topics for serious enquirers.

£40 can help cover the travel costs of sending our staff to visit enquirers at different churches, universities and events across the UK.

£100 will help cover flight costs for short-term mission trips to join church-planting teams.

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