BLOG: Can short-term trips really make a difference?

By Charlotte, EDGE Co-ordinator

When I was 16, my dad asked me if I’d like to go to India with him to visit the charity he was a trustee of. Initially I said a resounding ‘No’, after recently watching a documentary of dangerous insects – a trip to somewhere like India did not appeal. However, a few weeks later, something made me rethink. I soon found myself on a plane, jetting out of Europe for the first time.

How mission changed my worldview

During the two-week trip we spent time meeting the children and young adults the charity supported. I got to know the family who managed the centres and was hugely impacted by what I experienced: the love and dedication of the staff, their trust in God, and hope amongst incredible need. I left India knowing that tackling poverty was a key part of what I wanted to do with my life.

Then, a couple of years later, I spent a few months volunteering at a Christian mission in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The heart of the mission was to share the gospel with tourists and asylum seekers. I was reminded of how much people need the good news. If I wanted to serve the poor, this needed to go hand in hand with meeting their deepest need, a relationship with Jesus.

Though these trips were relatively short, they were key in shaping my worldview, helping me understand God’s call on my life. They have impacted my decisions ever since.

Short-term trips can impact you and others

This is what our EDGE teams are all about.

EDGE trips are designed to give people like you the opportunity to explore God’s call on your life. Spending time with a long-term team is a great environment to practically serve, whilst getting an insight into what it looks like to live in an Arab culture and share the gospel there. It is an excellent time to ask questions, learn, be inspired and challenged.

Whether you want to get plugged into a refugee ministry near in the UK, be better equipped to share your faith with a Muslim friend, or you’re considering serving in the Arab world long-term, EDGE (short-term trips) teams are a great place to start.

Join a team this year

• France and Spain – reach out to North African travellers and distribute evangelistic literature.

Click here for more information, or contact for an application form. We’d love to hear from you!



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