YEMEN APPEAL: 5 ways your gift could make a difference

Yemen is in crisis

The recent Yemen civil war has been raging for over five years now.  22.2 million people are in humanitarian need. That is more than 80% of the Yemeni 30 million population. It is the worst humanitarian crisis since World War 2 and they have also experienced the worst cholera epidemic in recorded history.

What can be done?

With our partners and local believers we are meeting some of the physical and spiritual needs of the Yemeni people.

Gifts to the YEMEN APPEAL will help meet some of the physical and spiritual needs of the Yemeni people through funding projects that tackle both urgent health issues like cholera as well as the ongoing, underlying humanitarian problems that internally displaced people encounter in their daily fight for survival.

Five reasons to give to the YEMEN APPEAL

Today, you can play a part in helping to make a lasting difference to Yemenis.

Your gift will enable us to increase the reach of our local partners activities in the following initiatives:

1) Humanitarian aid – food packages and clean water provision

2) Cholera prevention – kit distribution and community-led awareness initiatives

3) Resourcing education – buying children’s uniforms, bags and books, plus subsidising salaries for teachers and equipment for classrooms

4) Leadership and capacity building – equipping and support of Yemenis in leadership, management, budgeting and teacher training

5) Helping victims of trauma  – support to those recovering from trauma through a variety of activities like sport, drawing and other therapeutic measures.

GIVE ONLINE here and specify YEMEN APPEAL if you wish to support the project.



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