YEMEN APPEAL: Keep families together

Tragically, the Yemen conflict has continued for over three years now leaving more than 22 million people in need of humanitarian aid. Alongside malnutrition and the choleric epidemic affecting over 1 million people, according to the UN (external source), we are seeing another disturbing trend that is adding misery to hard-pressed families.

Lina's story

Lina’s husband died and she was left with no way to provide for her own family. A man in his fifties contacted her offering to marry her fourteen-year-old daughter and in turn provide for Lina and her children. Lina had no income or provisions.

She also has a son with extra needs. What would you do?

I almost sold my daughter because of my hunger.
Lina*, a mother and widow in Yemen 

Lina had reservations about giving her daughter into marriage, but thankfully one of our local contacts was in place to offer a month’s supply of food. So she didn’t have to resort to extreme measures. This lifeline has kept Lina’s family together.

Urgent intervention for desperate times

Lina is not alone in this hardship. Families often cannot cope in the trauma of war as they seek to keep themselves and their loved ones alive.  Sadly, the practice of child marriages has increased – including girls under fifteen years of age – as older men offer to provide for their welfare and their extended families as part of their proposal.

The humanitarian situation is dire. But there is hope. As well as making timely interventions into social problems, the YEMEN APPEAL is meeting deep spiritual needs in the war-torn nation. 

Your support is needed

Your support can help make a lasting different to Yemenis. Your gift today will enable us to alleviate food poverty, relieve hardship, and allow families to stay together. Funds will be used in several ways including:

  • Urgent Assistance providing food parcels and water to supply families for a month
  • Cholera Prevention hygiene kits and community awareness initiatives

Please give generously so that more families in Yemen can stay together, and support the growth of the emerging Yemeni church family.

Follow this link for the different ways you can DONATE and support our Yemen appeal.

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