CHRISTMAS APPEAL: Sharing hope with the Arab world

The Arab world needs hope

Both the spiritual and practical needs of people in this region remain great. We only need to follow the news to see the out-workings of extremist Islam across the world and in the painful stories of many Yemeni and Syrian refugees. There is so much work to do.

I am searching now. But you must realise that if a person has been born in one religion
and then wants to change, it’s very difficult.

 Ali* from Iraq

Jesus brings lasting hope

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a new hope dawned for humankind. The promise of our future King became a present reality. This reality is becoming more known in the Arab world region.

I want to become a Christian because what I have read has opened my eyes.
Please help me.
Sabrina* from Morocco

There is a move of God happening in unprecedented ways across the Muslim world from North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula with many, like Sabrina, choosing to follow Jesus Christ for the first time.

We have an urgent need to send and equip more workers to go as carriers of God’s hope to the searching and hurting in the Arab world.

Your support is needed

Please support us this Christmas as we continue to seize this opportunity in the region.

Give to AWM this Christmas to:

Identify new workers help the next generation of workers discover their calling through ministry placements.

Inspire long-term service help short-termers receive the encouragement and challenge to meet the long-term challenge of discipling new Arab believers through our debrief and orientations.

Equip the next generation of workers preparing to join our long-term church-planting teams across the region by funding essential cross-cultural training.

Please give generously so that more people in the Arab world will come to know the hope of Christ.

GIVE ONLINE here to support our Christmas 2017 appeal.

*NB. Names have been changed and library images used for security.

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