MEDIA APPEAL: The truth will set you free

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Muslims are discovering the hope found in Jesus Christ through accessing the digital world. Increasingly, new believers are gaining understanding of what it means to follow Jesus through searching on the internet and discussing topics on social media.  Your gift today will help make the most of this social trend for mission.

‘Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ Jesus in John 8:32

Over half of the 380 million people in the Arab world are under thirty years old. Many use mobile phones and are enquiring about the gospel through websites and social media.

Over the last three months, our media team focused efforts on helping Arab Muslims discover who Christ is and how they can find new life in Him. Thousands explored the gospel message online as a result. Workers engaged with over 2,200 Muslims seeking to know more about Jesus.

People like Naseem are getting in touch with us and seeking spiritual answers.

Ever since spending time in Europe, I have found myself comparing different religions. This questioning continued as I returned to Yemen and saw much killing between Muslims. I’m thinking about these matters and considering whether to believe in Jesus as Saviour. Naseem*

Your support is needed

We praise God that 118 Muslims prayed to begin a new life in Christ in recent months! With your support, we can help provide resources and one-to-one discipleship to help these precious new followers of Jesus.

Please give a gift today so we can continue producing the video-based discipleship materials and culturally relevant resources in Arabic and Kabyle languages for wide use across different people groups in the Arab world.

GIVE ONLINE here if you wish to partner in this gospel work. Specify ARAB WORLD MEDIA if you wish to resource the media team directly. Thank you for your support.

*Names have been changed and library images used for security.

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