YEMEN APPEAL: What can we do?

Crisis in Yemen

Although the conflict has largely gone unreported in mainstream media, the recent health crisis has raised the profile of the civil war in Yemen. Many have been stirred to focus on meeting the urgent health needs facing Yemeni people today. World Health Organisation (WHO) reports** (external site) that more than 1,700 people have died in Yemen as a result of cholera with up to 300,000 affected since the end of April 2017. The UN has called it ‘the worst cholera outbreak in the world’.

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Help meet social needs

With your support, the YEMEN APPEAL continues to help respond practically to these harsh realities. A team of dedicated Yemenis has already been equipped with emergency re-hydration treatment to help those suffering from cholera. The team has also been trained to raise awareness of cholera prevention measures, particularly for rural communities.

The YEMEN APPEAL is providing much-needed resources to fund projects that tackle both urgent health issues like cholera as well as the ongoing, underlying humanitarian problems that internally displaced people encounter in their daily fight for survival (i.e safe shelter, food shortage, clean water access, children’s education).

Help meet spiritual needs

Followers of Jesus living in-country are also bringing a message of hope into the devastating situation as they testify to the love and truth found only in Christ.

Ahmed* is a Yemeni Christian who helps to co-ordinate part of the compassionate outreach on the ground. He is convinced that the Lord is able to bring about His good purposes despite the hardships caused by this man-made conflict. The scale of the tragedy over the last two years has prompted some to reach out for spiritual truth.

This is all leading to more people rethinking their deepest assumptions about religion and life here. Some are asking to know about the true God and our faith in Christ. Ahmed, Yemeni Christian

Five reasons to give to the YEMEN APPEAL

Today, you can play a part in helping to make a lasting difference to Yemenis.

Your gift will enable us to increase ministry on the ground through our local partner in the following ways:

1) Humanitarian aid (cholera treatment and prevention, sanitation and other health issues, food security)

2) Shelter and emergency care

3) Emergency employment and community rehabilitation

4) Education where schools have closed

5) Supporting people displaced by conflict

GIVE ONLINE here and specify YEMEN APPEAL if you wish to support the project.



*Name has been changed for security reasons.

**AWM-Pioneers is not responsible for the content of external sites and provides links to news and other sources for background information and not as a sign of endorsement or editorial support.

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