YEMEN APPEAL: Spring 2017 update


Yemen has been locked in a violent civil war for over two years leaving some eighteen million people in need of humanitarian aid. A deadly cocktail of armed conflict, starvation and chronic disease has resulted in thousands of deaths and millions in danger of ongoing suffering. For further context, visit this BBC NEWS article about the crisis in Yemen.

Thank you for resourcing the Church

Thank you to all those who have contributed so far to the YEMEN APPEAL.

Your support has equipped and sustained national believers as they have ministered in the midst of hardships in their nation. Projects co-ordinated by our ministry partner have been locally-led, community-orientated, and sustainable in approach.

Prayers for spiritual fruit have also been answered as Believers from Muslim Backgrounds (BMBs) have testified to the love of Christ with people in their neighbourhoods and seen positive responses.

Update on the ground

The work of grace has been advancing and accelerating in the last period, especially in the circumstances of the war and the increase of terrorist acts and killing. This is all leading to more people rethinking their deepest assumptions about life. Some are asking to know about the true God and our faith in Christ. A Yemeni believer involved in outreach projects

Continue making an impact

Praise God for the generosity of the Lord’s people so far.

The YEMEN APPEAL is resourcing our local partners in and around Yemen as they faithfully demonstrate the love of Christ in the midst of conflict.

The appeal is still active and your partnership will enable us to continue making a lasting difference.

Today, your gift will impact lives in Yemen in five main ways:



1) Humanitarian aid (water, sanitation, health, food security)

2) Shelter and emergency care

3) Emergency employment and community rehabilitation

4) Education where schools have closed

5) Supporting people displaced by conflict

GIVE ONLINE here and specify YEMEN APPEAL if you wish to support the project.




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