CHRISTMAS APPEAL: Shining in the darkness

I’m a Christian now, but in secret. No-one knows.

This Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we can also celebrate that today Arab people are coming into the light as they place their faith in the Messiah. Finding deep joy this Christmas. Thanks to your prayers and generosity the gospel is being shared throughout the region. As a result, new believers, like Ishmael, are celebrating their first Christmas ever!

I’m a Christian now, but in secret. No-one knows. I took my decision two months ago and I am sure that Jesus will free me from the prison I have to live in. I want to talk to someone because I have hundreds of questions and things I don’t understand. I need your encouragement. Ishmael* from Israel/Palestine

I was a Muslim but I left Islam because I had doubts about my beliefs. I want God to be a father who loves me and takes care of me. That’s what I heard about in Christianity. And now I love Christ from the depth of my heart and want to follow him. Thank you for taking care of me. *Miriam, from Yemen

Make the light known

We are seeing the fruit of God’s Kingdom among people displaced by conflict too. In war-torn areas of Yemen, Iraq and Syria, people like Miriam are asking deep questions and encountering the love of God through Christ. They are forming part of the emerging Arab Church. In this climate of opportunity, our teams continue to minister faithfully to the vast amount of spiritual and practical needs.

Your support is needed

Please support us this Christmas as we continue to seize this opportunity in the region.

Give to AWM this Christmas to:
– Help disciple those who are coming to Christ through the setting up of new believer groups.
– Provide theological training to encourage the emerging Arab leaders.
– Equip the next generation of workers who are preparing to join our long-term church-planting teams across the region.

Please give generously so that more people in the Arab world will come to know the light of Christ.

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. John 8:12 (NIV)


Finding deep joy this Christmas


 NB. Names have been changed and library images used for security.

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