SUMMER TRIPS: What others have said

Opened my heart!

God developed a desire in me for Arab people while I was on the trip. While out there I was able to witness some of the ministry of the long-term workers there and God has put it on my heart to pray for them regularly. Being on the EDGE trip opened my heart to the possibility of being called back to that region long term.

Orientation before leaving to serve overseas was not only helpful, it was vital. It helped to soften the culture shock on arrival, and prevented many potential moments of awkwardness and embarrassment.

~Michael, Arabian Peninsula EDGE trip 2015

Explore His Word!

During the trip God sparked a desire within me to explore His Word. I came back from the trip wanting to learn more about the Bible and read it every day.

One aspect of the support from AWM-Pioneers that really benefited me was debriefing. It was very helpful to be able to talk through the difficulties of being in a different culture and the struggles that a Christian overseas trip can bring.

~ Hannah, Arabian Peninsula EDGE trip 2015

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