LEBANON: Pray for the hurting

The recent dramatic attacks in France dominated world headlines.

But the double explosion in LEBANON’s capital the day before and the ongoing devastation of Syria and Iraq has largely been overlooked in global news.

Here are a few simple prayer points to help you raise prayer and awareness among your prayer group and church networks.


Lebanon’s capital Beirut has a coastline*

Mourning in Lebanon

Last week over forty people were killed by explosions in Beirut, which also left over 200 wounded. This is the first tragedy on this scale for several years.

Please pray for:

– THE NATION. May the Lord protect this precious nation so that it does not become destabilised as a result of conflicts in the region.

– THE CHURCH. May God equip believers to shine as lights for Christ during this time of tension. May many people turn to Christ and receive His comfort and peace.

For background on the explosion from a Beirut resident, read this feature article from AL JAZEERA NEWS**.

Ongoing Syria conflict

The situation in Syria becomes more desperate every day. The nation’s civil war was prompted by protests that started more than four years ago, and has been intensified by armed groups in the region.

It doesn’t seem like stopping. The region is becoming more unstable and many are fearing the worst. As well as practically helping those caught in the crossfire today through the SYRIA APPEAL, we pray for the best long-term solution to the complex crisis.

Please pray for:

–  DIALOGUE. Ask the Lord to stir hearts and minds towards effective national and international diplomacy and dialogue.

– RESOLUTION. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide the international community and world leaders as to the right direction to resolve this four-and-a-half-year conflict.

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