Q & A with David Garrison

Speaker-portraitFrom inspiring church leaders to responding to academic scrutiny, David Garrison spoke to a variety of audiences during this year’s tour of the UK (5-21 June).

Author of ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’ answers our questions about the tour, his book and the Arab world.

How did audiences receive your message during the Hope for Muslims tour*?

I am delighted with how everything worked out. I really enjoyed all the speaking engagements. Each presentation was met with great enthusiasm, attention and insightful questions.

I’ve been so impressed by the response of the UK Church and I’m encouraged that so many people already share God’s heart for Muslims. Most events opened people’s eyes to ministries that are serving Muslims locally and internationally.

‘I wanted to wake up the Church…today is the day of salvation for Muslims.’ David Garrison

Why did you write the book ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’?

As a researcher, I wanted to document the accounts of Muslim communities turning to Christ in our day. The global study gathered more than 1,000 interviews with believers from a Muslim background from all across the Islamic world. My thorough approach was intended to satisfy even sceptical academics.

As a follower of Christ, I wanted to wake up the Church to the truth that today is the day of salvation for Muslims. I believe it’s a message that is so needed for our time. It sharply contrasts with the overwhelmingly negative mainstream news.

‘There is abundant gospel sowing…and we know that the gospel is powerful.’
David Garrison

Despite the challenges in the region, Arabs are still encountering the gospel.

Arabs are hearing about Christ through workers and media ministries.

Does this hope extend to Muslims of the Arab world?

Yes, of course. Despite the scenes of violence and mass movements of displaced peoples, Christians are having an impact as they demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed.

Arabs are hearing about the truth of Christ through the witness of cross-cultural workers and media ministries. They are also exposed to the gospel when travelling outside the Arab world and hearing testimonies of other Arab believers.

There is abundant gospel sowing in our day, and we know that the gospel is powerful. We know that hearts are being turned by the Holy Spirit. Fellowships are being formed under the radar.

‘When we pray, we catch God’s heart; it changes us.’ David Garrison


How can we be involved in this move of God?

Many Christians need to overcome their fear of Muslims. God loves them. If you want to be on God’s side in this day, then be a part of what God is doing, drawing them to Jesus.

Prayer is the key starting point. When we pray, we catch God’s heart; it changes us. Receive prayer updates and join prayer groups. Pray that the wind that is blowing through the House of Islam continues. Ask for the Spirit to blow through our churches and Muslim communities in the UK, too.

*Hope for Muslims is an initiative of Global Connections and is a partnership of several Christian ministries (including AWM Pioneers) based in the UK.

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