Will we choose love or fear?


The Arab world remains a place of instability and uncertainty for many. In the midst of this chaos, we can choose to respond in fear or in love.

Your gift today will enable us to continue reaching out through friendships on the ground and interactions with our media team over the internet.

‘Love never fails.’ 1 Corinthians 13:8

Love reaches out

It is only when we see Muslims of the Arab world through the eyes of Christ that we can respond in love, and not give in to fear. We can stand on God’s promise that love never fails.

Compelled by the love of Christ, our workers in the Arab world continue to reach out. They are seeing the Lord make disciples through the combination of their witness and media ministries in the Arab world.

Open double quote markWe praise God for the privilege of discipling new believers. We also rejoice that they can download Arabic Bibles on the internet and Close double quote marknow freely access the Word on their smartphones. My local friend already knows large portions of Scripture by heart as a result. Almost any verse I begin with during our studies, he can finish from memory. 


Love remembers the hurting

Our media team focuses on those with least opportunity for spiritual and pastoral support in the Arab world.

This year, Arab World Media has prioritised reaching out to seekers, women at risk and persecuted communities with engaging Bible-based and culturally-sensitive content. The media team make these resources available for free on their websites, and also proactively share them on social media.

“We produce videos, Bible verses and questions to stimulate thought and discussion. Several members of our team work long hours to keep our Facebook page updated and to answer any private messages that come in.” Worker from our media team

Your support is needed

Each month, our media workers have potential to reach 420,000 people through our Facebook page and other social media. More people follow the spiritual conversations all the time. With your help, the team will be able to support more people online and connect even more seekers with workers on the ground.

Please give a gift today so we can continue to share the unshakeable love of Christ, online and in person, with many in the Arab world.


GIVE ONLINE here if you wish to partner in this gospel work. Specify MEDIA if you wish to resource the media team directly. Thank you for your support.

*Names have been changed and library images used for security.

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