IN BRIEF: Five things we learnt from David Garrison

The House of Islam has nine distinct cultural rooms

The House of Islam has nine distinct cultural rooms

David Garrison’s talks at the Hope for Muslims UK tour were inspirational.

But they were intended to cause a ripple effect and impact people far beyond initial audiences.

Here are five points to remember, pass on and use to inspire more prayer among believers.

At a glance

1) ISLAM IS DIVERSE: Although the five pillars of Islam are practised throughout the Islamic world, the way the religion is expressed varies across regions. There are nine distinct cultural rooms in the House of Islam including North Africa (Morocco to Sudan) and the Arab world (Egypt, Levant and the Arabian Peninsula).

2) A TIME OF SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH: Church history records centuries of drought in terms of Muslim communities turning to Christ. The only two noticeable movements occurred in Indonesia and Ethiopia in the nineteenth century. Since 2000, we have seen sixty-nine movements (and counting). We are truly living in an unprecedented time.

3) ROBUST RESEARCH: Garrison’s approach was methodical and consistent in his analysis. He spent two-and-a-half years assembling the data and used precise definitions. He only explored a movement once it reached a threshold of at least 1,000 baptised believers from Muslim backgrounds in two decades within a particular people group.

4) PRAYER IS ESSENTIAL: 84% of known Muslim movements to Christ have taken place in the last twenty-two years, which corresponds with the growth of a global Christian prayer movement during Ramadan (**). It is no coincidence. Prayer is a vital component and continues to play a role in God’s sovereign purposes.

5) THERE’S STILL WORK TO BE DONE: Although the stats are encouraging, there are still millions yet to hear of Christ’s love for them. Garrison’s research also highlights that the Arab world remains the toughest room in terms of spiritual progress, a region we’re committed to intercede for.

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