Christmas Appeal 2014

Is there hope for the Arab world? Conflict in Iraq and Syria continues, the threat of the Islamic AWM Christmas Appeal 2014:Layout 6State persists, Libya still struggles to rebuild society and tensions remain in Israel/Palestine. It would be easy to think that God has forgotten this region.

God draws near in Christ

‘She will give birth to a son…they will call him Immanuel …God is with us’
Matthew 1 v 23 (NLT)

At Christmas, we remember that God kept His promise to draw near to mankind. He sent His Son Jesus, with the name Immanuel which means God with us. This good news brings hope to a world in turmoil.

Our Father through Jesus Christ continues to reach into the lives of people in the Arab world today:

 I am an Arabic language teacher and a Muslim. In Christianity I see humility, love and peace. I want to live under the shelter of the holy Jesus. Guide me how to live.
Moussa* from Iraq

We are passionate about supporting seekers like Moussa. When Moussa contacted us, he was ready to make a commitment to follow Jesus. But, who will journey alongside Moussa as he learns to live for Christ each day?

Thoughtful Arab manDrawing near to new believers

As our church-planting teams live and serve in the region, the Lord is leading them to more people ready to accept and pass on the gospel. Frustratingly, they don’t have capacity to respond to every spiritual opening.

But in partnership with UK churches, we can identify, prepare and place more workers in the Arab world. Teams will then be resourced to draw alongside seekers like Moussa and help them embrace and follow Christ.

Your support is needed

Give to AWM this Christmas and you will be supporting believers and future leaders of the Arab Church by equipping the next generation of workers.

Please give generously so that more people in the Arab world will come to know Christ – the God who draws near and brings hope amidst turmoil.

GIVE ONLINE here and specify MISSION MENTORING if you wish to support our Christmas 2014 appeal specifically.



NB. Names have been changed and library images used for security.

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