Empowered by His grace

How would you describe Christianity in one word?

Editor of awmlink

The Spirit enables us to respond in faith, and then empowers us to witness to the world.

Apparently, C S Lewis managed it. His answer was simply this: ‘That’s easy. Grace.’

Being engaged in cross-cultural ministry regularly reminds us of what makes our faith unique. It’s not the frequency of our prayer life or the destination of a pilgrimage. It’s not defined by our outward appearance or a sticker on a car. It’s an encounter with the astonishing power of the grace of God in Christ.

Scripture introduces us to our Heavenly Father who pursues us with an everlasting love and rescues us through the finished work of His Son. His Spirit enables us to respond in faith, and then empowers us to witness to the world.

Our latest magazine (November 2014) is a celebration of how God graciously equips believers to play their part in His mission.

Written by Philippe, editor of awmlink

*Name has been changed.

NB. This article has been adapted from the editorial in November 2014 issue of awmlink. Fill the form below to sign up to AWM’s free quarterly resource.

What Others Have Said…

AWM awmlink Nov 2014 front cover

Magazine front cover

‘We have enjoyed every edition of awmlink and would like to continue receiving them.’ Sam

‘I feel just the right amount of positive encouragement is given, pointing us to our Lord, whilst explaining the difficulties experienced by people living in the Arab world.’ Gloria


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