When we pray…

By Chris Ruge, Director of Prayercast*


This mystery continues to compel and baffle me: when God’s people pray, He moves.

Inviting us

It’s humbling to reflect on why our heavenly Father chooses to use us to play a part in His plans. But He does. We see that in Scripture and in daily experience. He has graciously chosen to involve us in His purposes and respond to our prayers. He invites us to the most awe-inspiring partnership. I am passionate about inviting as many people as possible to take hold of this privilege.

Ever since becoming a Christian at an early age, the whole area of prayer has fascinated me. Developing intimacy with the Father through prayer has been a major part of my personal devotions. I had no idea that the Lord would grow this burden into a ministry of stirring the Church to intercession.


Producing inspiring videos

Producing inspiring videos

Changing us

It started out from humble beginnings. A few of us in the music team decided to set aside one night a week to seek the Lord. God laid on our hearts the need to pray for the nations. Our worship pastor, Michael Thompson, then took a forty-day sabbatical. During this retreat with the Lord, Michael also asked a variety of Christian leaders what single important factor would transform the impact of world mission. Almost all of them replied the same way without hesitation. It wasn’t about more money, awareness or technology. It was the need to mobilise the Church to pray. The need was stark. Michael responded by founding OneWay Ministries and forming a team to produce visually appealing prayer resources to engage a new generation to intercede. On Christmas Day 2008, the first prayer video went live.

Amazing us

My wife and I volunteered for four years with this ministry, gathering video and audio from workers overseas. During one backpacking trip through Europe, the Lord broke my heart for His Kingdom and caused me to weep for the unreached. I sensed the Lord saying that He wanted me to leave my music teaching job to work in full-time Christian ministry.


Through prayer, discussion and circumstances the Lord led me to serve with the Prayercast team. Last year, God exceeded both our expectations and experience and enabled us to complete 83 videos, nearly double the number produced in previous years. By His grace, we saw our five-year vision completed last December. We now have a Spirit-filled prayer video for each of the 207 nations, uploaded onto our prayercast.com website.

Touching nations

Our vision has been global from the start. We desire to fuel a global movement of prayer for the sake of the unreached. This quote stirs us on:


~ Andrew Murray


In the same way that we would be concerned for the health of a church that doesn’t read the Bible, we are concerned for the spiritual life of a church that doesn’t pray. A lack of prayer for missions is not an awareness issue. It’s a discipleship issue. Most Christians would agree that there is a link between intercession and world mission. But this isn’t reflected in our corporate prayer life. The Church on the whole is not praying as effectively as it could.

Praying for the nations

Praying for the nations

Inviting others

Reversing this trend starts with small steps. If I can stir one person to start praying for the unreached, even a lukewarm church attender, then gradually he will be more informed. As he continues interceding he will begin capturing God’s heart for that nation or people group. He will become curious about the mission opportunities in that place, and who knows, the Lord may bring cross-cultural workers across his path to fuel his interest. Further down the line, he may take a short-term mission trip or encourage his church to send others to the unreached.

When God’s people pray, He moves. When God’s people pray, we change.

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