Hope for transformation

Is there hope for the Arab world?

Editor of awmlink

The Lord is reviving fellowships in the region and raising up workers.

We long to see God fulfil His purposes among peoples of the Arab world. Through times of tension and peace, this passion has compelled us to live intentionally, make disciples and demonstrate Christ’s love for 130 years.

In Ezekiel 37, the prophet was confronted with a disturbing picture of destruction. He then witnessed God miraculously revive the valley of dry bones.

In a small way, the Lord has enabled Cassie* to visit a war-torn land and receive a hope-filled vision.

I want to tell Libyans that there is hope in Jesus.
I want Libyans to come to Christ, experience
His transformation and share
Him with family and friends.

In our latest magazine (awmlink issue August 2014) you will read how the Lord is reviving fellowships in the region, raising up workers and equipping us to mentor new pioneers to help build Christ’s Church.

With Christ there is always hope.

Written by Philippe, editor of awmlink

*Name has been changed.

NB. This article has been adapted from the editorial in August 2014 issue of awmlink. Fill the form below to sign up to AWM’s free quarterly resource.

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