The battle belongs to the Lord

Do you know what the most popular baby name is?

Editor of awmlink

Progress in mission depends on the Lord rather than any training or ministry experience.

Harry has topped the UK* list for newborn boys for the third year running. It’s a form of Harold and apparently means ‘army ruler’.

In the Bible, the Lord has several names, each one revealing powerful insights into His divine nature. Yahweh Sabbaoth means Lord of hosts, or Lord of the heavenly armies, and this proves key to David’s victory over Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. The rookie shepherd boy didn’t win because he was an established army ruler. He overcame because the battle belonged to the Lord.

In our latest magazine (awmlink issue May 2014) you will read fresh glimpses of how progress in mission relies on the Lord rather than any training or ministry experience.

Written by Philippe, editor of awmlink

*According to, which base their lists on UK government statistics, Amelia has been the most popular baby girl’s name for the last three years.

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magazine front cover

magazine front cover

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