Passion, Sacrifice and Mission

Front cover of November issue

‘If we’re not living recklessly abandoned to God, then what are we doing?’
Sara, Pioneers worker, Middle East/Asia

This gentle rebuke moved me to tears. I was leading a session with people exploring mission. As planned, I played the four-minute video of workers sharing about their passion for God. What I hadn’t expected was how much Sara’s conviction would impact me. It resonated with my heart’s desire not to settle for a safe, armchair form of Christianity. This woman’s passionate pursuit of God led her to minister in a war zone. She lived the gospel, shared the gospel and sadly, last year, she died for the gospel.

Obeying the call to give up our lives for the gospel (Mark 8:34-37) looks different for each of us. It may mean serving long-term and reaching the broken in Libya, or taking a career break to join a short-term team in North Africa.

In a small way, we’ve tried to be radical ourselves, and asked Bible college teachers and pastors to tell us how mission agencies need to change with the times (pages 5 to 7). We pray and trust that this latest issue of awmlink inspires, encourages and challenges you to play your part in His mission.

May the Lord inspire you with his Spirit as you shine for Him.

NB. This article has been adapted from the editorial in November 2012 issue of awmlink, AWM’s free quarterly magazine.

What Others Have Said…

The magazine is great reading and helpful. I really enjoy getting them.  Juliet

I was interested to read in your magazine how small house churches are multiplying. Joan


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