From hatred to hope in Christ

In nations throughout the Arab world, people are hearing and obeying the call of Christ. Believers are denying themselves, taking up their cross, and following Him (Mark 8:34). To follow Christ in their world usually comes at a very high cost.

Born into a hate-filled world

Michael* is from a village in the West Bank. His whole extended family are deeply involved with Hamas and are committed to the destruction of Israel . As a result, Michael grew up with a hatred for Jewish people.

At the age of twelve, Michael was introduced to bomb-making and spent much of his teenage years constructing explosive devices for suicide bombers. In fact, four of his male cousins and a young female cousin all died as suicide bombers. At the age of fourteen, Michael was sent on his first assassination attempt. By the age of twenty-five, Michael had enrolled in the Hamas militia, the para-military group that enforces Palestinian authority in that part of Israel.

Rescued by a loving Saviour

Despite this hate-filled upbringing, the Lord miraculously broke into Michael’s life.

It all started with a Christian pen-pal. Michael corresponded with a believer living in the US, who shared the truth of the gospel with passion and conviction. Michael’s heart was touched and he responded in faith to Christ.

Michael managed to secretly obtain a Bible which he hid in a plastic bag underneath a rock in a field. Despite the dangers, he persisted in studying the Bible in private. Michael connected with an online Bible study ministry which enabled him to explore God’s Word from the safety of his room.

Pursued by his family

One day, while involved in online study he was called out of his room. Instead of logging off the Christian website, Michael simply closed his laptop lid. While Michael was away, his roommate opened his laptop, discovered the Bible study and alerted Michael’s family about his newfound faith. Immediately, family members were dispatched to kill Michael which forced him to flee for his life.

Michael arrived in another city in Israel. He encountered an AWM/Pioneers member working alongside an NGO who hid him for a number of weeks. But Michael’s family… NEXT PAGE

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