Mission: Syria

By Chris M

The Arab League is set to send another mission to Syria, aided by the United Nations.

But, there is already a mission in Syria. This is a mission of men and women who are seeking to share the real solution to Syria’s problems: God became flesh and lived among us.

Today, men and women who are called by Jesus are living in Syria and sharing the gospel. Some of them are from Syria and some from other countries. Some have lived in Syria for a long time and others for only a few years.

Two of these women recently met a young Syrian woman who is a modern feminist Muslim.  Her heart is broken with the unfairness and ugliness of the current unrest. Pray for open hearts to the claims of Christ.

Armed with the Word of Life
UK Foreign Minister William Hague has insisted that the UK will not arm the rebels. AWM’s Area Leader for Syria is enthusiastic about the possibilities of placing teams across Syria who will be armed with the Word of God. There are many communities desperately in need of the salt and light that comes with those who belong to Christ and are compelled by His love.

Take time and pray
Pray for hope. Syria’s young people are without hope and even the best university graduates have trouble finding a job unless they are well connected.

Pray for justice. The violence may be limited to certain towns and neighbourhoods, but many live in fear of ‘collective’ punishment.

Pray for peace.  Violence is into its second week in Homs and many have died.  Pray that individuals and groups within the army would choose not to fire.  Pray for the rebels, that they would lay down their weapons.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:7

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