The Power Of Prayer

The third in a five-part series by Joy L* ‘Please pray for me,’ my Libyan friend begged. Khadija** had a serious liver disease, and the doctor had advised her against getting pregnant. She now carried a baby and was desperate. This should be interesting, I mused. She is one of the most conservative women I have met. I let her know that I would pray in the name of Jesus, and asked if that would be okay. She agreed, and so I weakly prayed for a miracle. After all, I had not learned how to do this in church. Khadija swiftly requested, ‘Now pray a second time and put your hand on my stomach.’ This woman is desperate, I concluded. Soon after the encounter, I chided myself for being so weak in faith and spiritual authority. A few months passed and I was called to the hospital. Khadija was close to losing the baby and wanted prayer again. However despite the scare, a beautiful healthy boy was delivered some time later. Khadija helped me reach a turning point. I came to understand the power of praying on the spot with Muslims. During thirteen years of ministry, I had assured many women that I would pray for them, which I tried to do, faithfully keeping my word. It was quite a different matter to pray with them and to do it boldly in the name of Jesus. At first, I felt joy and surprise, discovering that Muslim women yearned to be prayed for. And it continues to amaze me now. I watch people sit quietly in wonder and awe, often wiping away tears. Seldom do I witness this in my own culture. Many of my strongest experiences of the presence of God have come when I have prayed with Muslim women. * Joy has spent more than thirty years ministering to Muslims in the East and the West and shares further insights on her personal blog. **Name has been changed to protect identity. MORE FROM LEARNING THE ROPES SERIES BEING SET APART USING THE SCRIPTURES TEACHING THE REALITY OF SIN THE ATTRACTION OF HEAVEN

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