Egypt’s Broken Dreams

There was hope for real change.

Hopeful Egyptian protestor

Muslims and Christians marched side-by-side during demonstrations in Tahrir Square earlier this year.  Egyptians cried out together for freedom from tyranny and more open government.

Members from a nearby church waded into the Square to pray, sing and preach.  A Muslim journalist apologised to the Christians for his inflammatory articles.

Was this a new day of Muslim-Christian harmony in Egypt?  Would sectarian tension begin to fade after decades of unrest?

Ongoing Attacks

Sadly, isolated attacks on Egyptian churches have continued.

On 9 October a group of Christians marched through Cairo to protest the burning of an Aswan church.  Some onlookers threw stones at them and others attacked.  When the protesters retaliated, the army intervened and attacked the marchers using live ammunition.  According to reports, 26 died and over 200 were injured.  A further 34 are being detained for being allegedly involved in the violence, according to Middle East Concern.

“This was the most violent and open attack…for a long time,” lamented an Egyptian Christian.  Another feared that “the dream of a civil society may never come true.”

Further Violence

Further violence has erupted this weekend as 20 Egyptians died in relation to escalating protests against the military government.  At least 1700 have been injured in other fighting across the country.

More than 100 diplomats have signed a statement condemning the way that protesters have been treated, according to reports.  The document also calls for a full handover to a civilian government by the middle of 2012.

Egypt’s Future

Elections are being held this week, but protesters fear that the military is intent on cementing its position rather than handing over power.

Let us continue to pray for real change for all Egyptians. May the nation’s future benefit both Christian and Muslim alike.

‘The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people.”‘ Isaiah 19:25


By Christine M

(Image is used for illustrative purposes only)

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