What Can God Do In A Day?

an extract from AWM’s latest magazine

Ponder on Acts chapter two. At nine in the morning, 120 followers of the rejected Rabbi were heckled as drunkards. By nine that evening, there was a 3000-strong community devoted to the risen Christ.

Despite opposition, the Church was born on the Day of Pentecost. The Spirit defied both stubborn Jewish leaders and the ruling Roman Empire. His power was unstoppable and His call irresistible.

The Sovereign Lord is still drawing people to Himself from unlikely places. In Saudi Arabia, we hear of national believers growing in both number and boldness. In Morocco we are encouraged by the increasing number of people turning to Christ despite the expulsions of more than 130 Christian workers last year.

Regardless of politics or conflict, we can continue to believe that the Church will flourish in our day among Muslims of the Arab world.

As a discerning Jewish council member once stated in the early days of the expanding Church community, ‘If God is behind this, then no will be able to stop it’ (Acts 5:39).


NB. This article has been adapted from the November 2011 issue of awmlink, AWM’s free quarterly magazine.



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